Subzapp for digital marketing agencies

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Subzapp is a great subscription management solution for any businesses that offer fixed-cost monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions. But let’s look at one type of business to explain why Subzapp is so incredibly powerful…. digital marketing agencies.

This is a great example because the team behind Subzapp also works at Resolution Design, which is a marketing agency. The inspiration for the development of Subzapp came from the problems the agency had in managing and scaling their client subscriptions, consequently, Subzapp is a perfect fit for them, as well as being flexible enough to work brilliantly for other types of business as well.

Firstly, why offer subscriptions to clients? Having regular recurring revenue is a fabulous way of de-risking any business. If you know you have a set income you can rely on every month or year, you can plan and grow with some security. Digital marketing agencies have a whole range of potential recurring revenue streams they can explore, for example; hosting packages, website support packages, plugin renewals, and domain renewals.

Many agencies don’t venture into these areas because the administration is seen as too much work for the return. If you’re using a spreadsheet to manage your subscriptions that’s very likely to be true – the functionality is very limited and the agro factor very high. However Subzapp takes all the admin effort away, it allows you to create all the subscription types you want and manage them centrally. If you want to change any aspect of your subscriptions can do so, one change will apply across all clients. You can see all the subscriptions of any one client, see who the right contacts are, and any notes. All invoicing is automatically triggered to ensure that it is completed… no missed invoices! Subscription confirmations are sent to clients in advance, explaining what they have and when it renews, so they know exactly what they have too.

There are many other features too, which all create a simple and powerful subscription management system that’s ideal for digital marketing agencies.

Take a demo, you’ll be impressed.